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Daniel Parish


 Tattoo  Galaxy

16 N Main St, Ambler, PA 19002


As I was growing up, drawing had always come naturally to me, and art has always inspired me. Through-out school, and some university courses, I have always put my best effort into anything I’m working on, and have always liked experimenting with new mediums. I come from a large family, that has supported me through the many good times, and the persistent hard times that we all go through. I have a colorful past, but from the very first time i put a tattoo machine to skin, there’s been nothing more important to me. I got my start tattooing in Alaska in 2004. Although I have traveled and built hiking and biking trails for Americorps all across our country and have printed t-shirts with my twin brother for twelve plus years, including work for Abercrombie and Fitch, American Outpost, and Fossil; nothing has been more rewarding to me than tattooing. I enjoy working with a client to invent their vision, and creating an individual piece of art.

Tattoo Galaxy~Ambler Piercing & Custom Tattoos

16 N Main St, Ambler, PA 19002

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