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Jay McColm has been professionally piercing since 2006. His career began with an apprenticeship under Six at Erotix Studios in Toronto, Canada. Eager to learn more techniques for body piercing, he moved to Bellingham, Washington to complete another apprenticeship under Dan at Old School Tattoo. Since then he has worked at a number of shops across Canada and the US. Most recently, he spent five years working full time at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia and frequently works as a guest artist there. Jay is capable of doing all piercings, basic and advanced, as long as they are safe and logical. Jay feels that every piercing procedure deserves care and every client deserves honesty. Whether you are getting your earlobe pierced or a modification that is permanent, each procedure must be clean, safe, and performed using proper jewelry. Each client should be well informed about aftercare and potential complications that could arise. Most importantly, each client should be walking away with a piercing they love and an experience they enjoyed. The best way to reach Jay  on a daily basis is through Instagram @piercerjay. He can also be reached at Tattoo Galaxy in Willow Grove on Wednesdays from 12-7 and Thursdays - Sundays from 12-9. 

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Ear piercings

Antitragus piercing

Nose piercings

  • Nose piercing

  • Upper nostril piercing

  • Nasallang piercing(s)

  • Septum piercing[1][2]

  • Bridge piercing(s)

  • Septril piercing (s)

  • Rhino piercing

  • Austin bar piercing

  • Third-eye piercing

Facial piercings

  • Anti-eyebrow

  • Cheek/dimple piercing

  • Eyebrow piercing

  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing

  • Mandible piercing(s)

  • Diver dermal

Lip Piercings

  • Jestrum piercing

  • Labret piercing

  • Snakebites

  • Medusa/philtrum piercing

  • Dahlias

  • Canine bites

  • Angel bites

  • Cyber bites

  • Spider bites

  • Madonna piercing

  • Monroe piercing

  • Vertical labret

  • Dolphin bites

  • Horizontal lip piercing

  • Ashley piercing

  • Shark bites

Tongue Piercings

  • Tongue piercing

  • Horizontal tongue piercing

  • Inverse tongue piercing

  • Frenulum piercing

  • Friendly piercing

  • Smiley piercings hmu

Genital Piercings

 Genital piercing



Other parts

Tattoo Galaxy~Willow Grove Piercing & Tattoos

50 N York Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090