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Edison's journey into the realm of Tattoo Art began with a deep-rooted passion for piercings and a fascination with body modifications. With a natural affinity for drawing and visual art, he found his artistic calling in the world of tattoos. His favorite styles include Neotraditional, Japanese, Dotwork, and Blackout but he is always excited to work with any design a client has in mind!  His easy going attitude and creativity make him a valuable asset to the team at Tattoo Galaxy Millsboro.

En  el 2018 comencé en el mundo de la modificación corporal poniendo piercings y algunas modificaciones corporales no extremas, En el año 2022 comencé a tatuar ya que siempre me gusto el dibujo y el arte visual, entre mis estilos preferidos esta el neo tradicional,  japonés ,  Dotwork y blackout.

 Tattoo Galaxy

 31507 Oak Orchard Rd, Millsboro, DE 19966.

(302) 947-4671

Roberto is a Spanish speaking tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist Styles
Traditional Tattoo Styles
Realism or Realistic Tattoo Style
Watercolor Tattoo Style
Polynesian or Tribal Tattoo Style
New School Tattoo Style
Neo Traditional Tattoo Style
Japanese Tattoo Style (Irezumi)
Blackwork Tattoo Style
Illustrative Tattoo Style
Chicano Tattoo Style
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